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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We ♥ Anniegogglyn & Anniegogglyn KIDS!

What a fun year it's been with you girls with the opening of Anniegogglyn KIDS and the fabulous success ya'll are having with both stores!!

Modern Bebe THANKS YOU for the amazing opportunity!

Just wanted to post a few projects to show what's been happening, the top design is a billboard of the KIDS shop that was displayed in 6 locations around San Antonio, photography by Robert Shaw. Currently you can take a peek out your window if you are stopped in traffic at the Quarry and feast your eyes on some cutie patooties and be reminded to stop in and shop at Anniegogglyn and Anniegogglyn KIDS off Broadway or at their website shopanniegogglyn.com.
Bottom left is a design for one of the fabulous private shopping party invitations and to the right are signs that were designed for the local JLSA Ole Market Days they recently participated in!

Just showing some ♥ to Anniegogglyn and Anniegogglyn KIDS!!!