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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brody, our oldest son, underwent a few surgical procedures on Friday. Since then we have had our friends and family asking how he is recovering, three days post surgery, you can see he's at his happy place! We are at our favorite Yogurt spot.

{{ yummy + all natural }}

I have two sons that are 20 months apart in age so it's a constant Mom struggle finding the balance of time with each of my polar opposite boys, so a day all about the B-Man filled me with so much joy that I only hope these captures mean that he felt the same!

Little things that made me smile today with my Brody Daniel

--> looking in my rear view mirror seeing him singing to a favorite Christan tune 'I Will Rise'
--> the running leg hugs at each stop we made {{ that are becoming more like tackles }}
--> the toothless grins
--> the excitement of purchasing a new pair of shoes a size bigger {{ he's ALL about being BIGGER... and 5! }}
--> missing his little bubba and asking for him every 20 minutes
--> sweet Nana meeting us for a quick kiss and hug and a few bites of Yogurt ;) {{ she's the BEST! }}
--> & a capture that I will treasure of my son and my husband that evening of him all tuckered out

  .... what makes my heart smile ....

Saturday, July 28, 2012


10 extra hours in the day... that's all I'm asking for! So my youngest boy who has been a rocker at heart since he entered this world with a resounding tune turned three in May... yes May... finally have a moment to post his party!

Coen's Comeback Tour party was a spin off of his first year birthday which was featured on
I've had many requests for a re-creation of the party so here it is! I've sold this party a few times already and will soon have products listed on my Etsy shop, if you would like to create a party around this theme sooner just shoot me a convo!

If anyone knows me they would know that it RAINS on each and everyone of my parties, it's almost comical... almost. SO this was most probably my last go around at an outdoor event and I'll have to start scoping locations that will let me do 'my thing' in their facility. The day was still perfect though, all of Coen's little buddies showed up and had a great time in the trusty waterslide for some 'Crowd Surfing' and when the gig got rained out everyone parked themselves on a towel inside for some late night munchies and hit the tattoo parlor and the rockin' favors station. One important thing to remember as us parents can get a little caught up in the details of the day is that the party is essentially FOR the kids and they make the party RIDICULOUSLY FUN regardless!!

Photography by Modern Bebe Designs.

4 sided custom invite by Modern Bebe Designs. Loved inccorporating the storage shed background into the layers of the party designs!

 Loved this idea on Pinterest, plan to make one for each birthday as a keepsake for the baby books!
 Awesome find on Etsy, Sarah with Sweet Surrender Cookies is one talented woman, not only were these cookies super cute -- they were DELISH! Thank so much for working with me Sarah on the visions of this design! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SSCookieCo
 Backstage Passes for the cool peeps!
 Soda Bottles Designs by Modern Moments. Water Labels by Modern Bebe Designs.
 .... Details ....
 The main tablescape, drumset inspried from Modern Moments, purchased paint cans from Lowes and decorated them with vinyl nautical stars from Monkey Threads of Etsy, microphones are from Target, Cookies from SS Cookies Co. on Etsy, black and white swirl lollis from Oriental Trading Company, nerds coverings and custom guitar picks and custom labels are Modern Bebe Designs.

 I just ADORE these cookies!!!
 .... Favors that ROCK ....

 My Dad's favorite design, I come from a musically talented family - time to make some real guitar picks now!

We of course ended the party right with some live jams from Papa and Uncle Gerard!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My oldest son is obsessed with anything he can ride, what boy isn't! So I wanted to bring back the cool big wheels we all use to sport as a kid... you know, you could speed down a driveway and make a quick turn and glide in all directions because there was zero traction on the wheels... they haven't improved the safety too much over the years BUT you have to love and will always remember your big wheel bike so I wanted this birthday celebration to serve that same purpose by combining a carnival theme for fun!
Brody's Big Wheel party was chosen as the top 3 parties for the Month of September on
Photography by Modern Bebe Designs

Four has been such a fun ride with you buddy, here are some details of the special day!
Homemade Carnival games are the best! Custom Signage by Modern Bebe Designs. Is that a mason jar in the ping pong game.. of course! And they now serve their purpose as our kitchen drink ware.
Oriental Trading Company and Hobby Lobby all have a great selection of goodies to make you carnival party awesome!
Love the photo booth... are we surprised ;)
Thank you Stacy Kahanek with Retrodition on Etsy for the adorable props!
.... Details ....
Custom Tee ;O

Here I am sweating out the rain with the tablescapes in the living room and the carnival games in the garage... Mother Nature was nice this day and gave us some great weather just in the nick of time!
Yes sir! Big Wheel Doughnuts
Still having fun the morning after!
My dearest bud Leslie Austin, made the popcorn cupcakes and cookies! Yummmmm!
 I was SOOO glad I stashed some away for some post party indulgence!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Avery is ONE! {{BLOGGED}}

Who needs the sun to be shining when you have this little ray of light show up for this morning's session!?! We had too much fun playing dress up with little Avery today!
Excited to put it all together and start designing the party items for her circus celebration with Modern Bebe Designs.

Thank you for allowing me to capture and create for your precious little one Tiffany!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Corey Family {{BLOGGED}}

I had the pleasure of meeting and capturing the fabulous four Corey kids this week, so playful and extremely sweet!!
 Here's a sneak peek of their session.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lifestyle Photography

This may be my new found love in taking photos! A view into your personal world with a liftstyle photo session is becoming a popular new trend. I'm so looking forward to a few upcoming sessions capturing clients in the fitness setting, a family moving out of their first home and catching the timeless interaction in a place where so many memories were made, a few bookings for the husbands... ladies you know what I'm talking about - I think a certain book series has sprung this one on ;) and as I needed, a little session of some snapshots for the blog.

The possibilites are endless to capture beauty in the people you love, doing what you love!