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Friday, July 27, 2012


My oldest son is obsessed with anything he can ride, what boy isn't! So I wanted to bring back the cool big wheels we all use to sport as a kid... you know, you could speed down a driveway and make a quick turn and glide in all directions because there was zero traction on the wheels... they haven't improved the safety too much over the years BUT you have to love and will always remember your big wheel bike so I wanted this birthday celebration to serve that same purpose by combining a carnival theme for fun!
Brody's Big Wheel party was chosen as the top 3 parties for the Month of September on
Photography by Modern Bebe Designs

Four has been such a fun ride with you buddy, here are some details of the special day!
Homemade Carnival games are the best! Custom Signage by Modern Bebe Designs. Is that a mason jar in the ping pong game.. of course! And they now serve their purpose as our kitchen drink ware.
Oriental Trading Company and Hobby Lobby all have a great selection of goodies to make you carnival party awesome!
Love the photo booth... are we surprised ;)
Thank you Stacy Kahanek with Retrodition on Etsy for the adorable props!
.... Details ....
Custom Tee ;O

Here I am sweating out the rain with the tablescapes in the living room and the carnival games in the garage... Mother Nature was nice this day and gave us some great weather just in the nick of time!
Yes sir! Big Wheel Doughnuts
Still having fun the morning after!
My dearest bud Leslie Austin, made the popcorn cupcakes and cookies! Yummmmm!
 I was SOOO glad I stashed some away for some post party indulgence!