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Monday, November 14, 2011

Case of the Mondays FREEBIE

It's not often that we have a day full of drizzle in our small Texas town which left me and my two cabin feverish toddler boys not quite ready for the Monday ahead. We are well into the holiday rush here and rushing along with you!

:: a few exciting updates ::

Modern Bebe's Dr. Seuss inspired party was linked on the Facebook of Project Nursery last week as well as our latest party display of a Big Top Carnival as one of the top three in the running for top project of the month on ProjectNursery.com... I wish I had a moment to keep up as this all became news to me much later than when the events took place, thank goodness for good friends to keep me straight!

Today, as I needed a little more of a boost than my K-cup could offer, I received some fantastic news that just made me float. One of our summer projects is mentioned on Caden Lane's blog! The shower was completely inspired by Katy' Mamari's Boutique Bedding collection, the beautiful design was such fun to work with and I am just in awe to be any part of being recognized by her. I have admired the owner of Caden Lane bedding and local Nursery Couture Boutique for quite sometime, being a stay at home mom initially I would search deals to get as many items from her shop as I could to design around my little strapping boys! I will never forget the moment that Katy was in Nursery Couture... as I made my weekly prego visit... she had brought in the start of her creation of one of her child's birthday invitations... it was to be packaged in a clear plastic box with candy inside, many around were teasing her of this idea.... to me, it was the first time my mind did it's first.... CLICK.... Many of those close to me love to say my mind is always turning... I just can't resist a moment to stop and appreciate great design!

If you haven't had a chance to read the success story of Katy - you definitely need to, such an inspiration!

To celebrate the moment I am in the midst of remodeling my office and left my favorite touches for last.. the custom wallart, here is a freebie of a 4x6 inch from my place to create to yours!