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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday sure feels like Monday!

Well it's an exciting day today, though I feel like I'm dragging like it's a Monday!
My youngest niece was brought into this world, a healthy beautiful baby girl and I just cannot wait to create for her!

ALSO an added +

One of Modern Bebe's parties was featured on the ever-so-lovely ProjectNursery.com!

I stumbled upon this site years ago before I first became a mom and would stare at all of the gorgeous nursery creations and great mommy and baby finds! A close friend suggested I put my first party package on the site that later featured on Project Nursery's blog. This was a pivotal moment, as I was praying about to going back to work full-time as a Special Needs teacher or pursuing my new found passion in Design.. prayers were answered on that very day - God is GOOD! ((though I think I put in way more hours than full-time :wink: )) & now I'm honored to say we have a new feature on Project Nursery's FB! Be sure to 'Like' their page on Facebook.com to get even easier updates of the latest and greatest trends for nurseries, parties and showers, baby finds and fabulous articles written by many of their designers! Our Texas local - Katie, creator of Caden Lane, even blogs for the site from time to time!
((and you can PIN your ideas on Pinterest))


Red and turquoise cover my desktop and craft room daily, I have so many new products in stock in this theme so be sure to check them all out at MODERN BEBE on Etsy.

We even have a new GRINCH insipred party for your holiday birthday!

Yes, yes... we are NOW in the holiday season for all of those fall colored lovers, Red and Green will be making it's way into your household soon enough -- be sure to check for FREEBIE PRINTABLES coming soon! I walked into Hobby Lobby the day after Halloween and there was the old faithful Christmas music and decor!

Modern Bebe is ready to hit the ground running with custom parties and orders through the holidays!